Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Saved from the tip, a new lease of life

Hello. I bet you are wondering if I got anything else out of the skip. I surely did. I had a chat with the owner of the house, they are downsizing and moving to a small bungalow. The skip has cost them £200, I think they could have saved that by getting a charity to come in and take the bulk of it, and then taking the rest to the tip in their car.
There is too much stuff for me to take, so I am pleased that other people are taking things as well. As long as it can be used by someone it doesn't matter who gets it. Here are some things which I had. 
A nice coffee table, will keep it for a while and might find a use for it, but might give it away. 

Fancy a game of footie. Charity shop for this I think.

Children's toys. Charity shop for the big ones, cat stall for the small ones.

Dyson, didn't know if this would work, plugged it in, and it does. Amazing. Needs cleaning, it's filthy. Will keep this as a spare, but will give it to a family member if anyone needs one.
Small items can be sold on our cat stall.

Two bags of plastic balls, too bulky to take to a show in the car, will give them away.

This can be folded up and sold on our stall. Child size.
A double sleeping bag, washed and in good condition. I don't need it so I will look for someone who does. It could be made into dog beds.
There was a mucky pair of boots in the skip, I didn't want them but I said to the man, I always wear boots because I have bunions. He went in the house and came out with three pairs of trainers, in my size, and they fit a treat, so I will keep them.

Puzzles and games for the cat stall.
Set of curtains with a pelmet, and matching double duvet cover and pillowcases. The curtains are new and now hang in my front window. The bedding is washed and will be sold on the cat stall.
Anything not sold will go to a charity shop. We don't sell at any events over the winter, except a Christmas Market in November. We don't like to keep stuff for too long and will pass it on. People always give us more stuff in the spring when we start again.

I've got to go to the dentist in the morning, but I will be checking the skip when I come back.

There is great excitement in the village, talk of the two Lancaster Bombers flying right over us on Saturday. It has been arranged because one of our residents played a big part in it's operations during the war. Oooh can't wait. I will be there with my camera.

Toodle pip.

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