Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Please join this campaign and end the cruelty

Hello. This makes rather harrowing reading, you will be forgiven if you wish to skip this post, it is very upsetting. Copied and pasted from Facebook.

Shared from Kirsty Whyte
On Saturday evening I saw a facebook post from Many Tears Animal Rescue that they had been able to rescue 65 dogs from a breeding facility following the owners death. The post asked for help from anyone with grooming training to help as so many of the dogs were matted and in desperate need, also anyone who could to help with the sheer volume of care which was needed in such an emergency situation. As I am a groomer and only lived 2 hours away I volunteered to go the following day, taking my tools to give whatever assistance I could. I woke at 4am and was unable to go back to sleep just thinking about those poor little souls so walked my own dogs, packed up the car and set off to South Wales. Sylvia walked me through, showed me where I could unpack my tools and where to work from then she walked me to where some of the dogs were. Nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting in the rescue, I can only describe it as akin to seeing concentration camp victims, I don't say this to trivialise the human experience but rather to impress the sheer depth of horror at the torture that some of those poor creatures had been put through. Riddled with lice over every square centimeter of their skin, thin, matted and soaked and burned with excreta and filth. Many were poodles and I have my own poodle at home, the comparison between these timid and poor little dogs and my cheeky happy little girl brought me to tears at one point. I helped as many as I could and so much of the day is just a blur as I think that my emotions were so overwhelmed that they just shut down and pure instinct took over. The hope comes from the fact that there were around 100 amazing volunteers, several of them groomers who came to help and do anything they could. All of the dogs were freed from their stinking rotting straitjackets, bathed, loved and cuddled. I left around 6pm, I was stony for most of the drive home until 'Dont give up' was played on the radio and I had to pull over and break my heart crying. Two days later I am still reeling and I cant believe that I haven't seen any news articles or media reports about this. We cannot allow this to be business as usual, this was a LICENCED breeder, the council approved of the treatment of these dogs. The law is failing these dogs and it will fail thousands more. I have no idea where the rescue staff find the herculean strength to get up and do this day after day, they are true heroes. We must shout this from the rooftops over and over until no one would ever consider buying a puppy that isn't with its mother in a clean and happy situation, not over the internet, not from a pet shop, not without weeks of contact with the breeder, not as an impulse. We must make dog breeding NOT FOR PROFIT. I hope you will forgive me this rant, I hope you will help shout this from the rooftops

Rant all you like, I will rant with you. I want to see any dog and cat breeders who use animals to make money totally banned, no exceptions. They say you should see a puppy or kitten with it's mother before you buy it, I say DO NOT BUY FROM A BREEDER, ANY BREEDER. I want it to be made illegal to trade in live animals, I want the purchaser prosecuted as well as the breeder. I want to see the total banning of advertising animals for sale, ANYWHERE. Not in newspapers, magazines, internet, ANYWHERE. Please join in the rant, copy and paste the link to Pup Aid, please help to get the message across. Thank you

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