Thursday, September 25, 2014

Picture the idea

Hello knitters and stitchers, I'm searching for my arty mojo again, been thinking about the chrome towel rail. Digging deep into the old grey matter, must be something in there. When I saw it I immediately thought of weaving. It would make a good frame, a decent size with gentle curves, loops top and bottom so nothing to add to it to hang it except a bit of string maybe.
I started cutting fabric last night, searching for different textures and colours. Long strips are needed, as well as wool and ribbon, and anything else that can be woven. I carried on cutting this morning, and think I might have enough now. 
I have used strong cord to add the warp, knotted at both sides and the ends brought to the middle and tied together making it double thickness. All the straggly bits will be hidden in the back of it.

I've had a little practice along the edge to check the distance between the warps and think this is about right. Now all I've got to do is think of a design, I am drawn towards blocks. Can you picture the idea?
The weaving won't be the end of it, I will add stitchery to it. No doubt I will keep changing my mind along the way. I have already thought of another idea. What about covering the whole thing in a plain one colour hessian or denim, then making small individual towels to stitch onto it, therefore keeping it to it's original use. Must write that down before I forget, a future project maybe.

Right, must make a start, will keep you posted, it will take a while.
Toodle pip.

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