Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I do look after me teef

Hello me hearties. My nice lady dentist Emma has had a good prod around and given me a clean bill of health, me gnashers are good for another year. She asked me lots of questions about my lifestyle, drinking, smoking, how often do I brush my teeth, how often do I floss, and which toothpaste am I using. I have very low risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. I have scored a zero, meaning I have healthy gums. Whooopeeee. My teeth are not perfect by any means, with two crowns, a four teeth bridge, and several fillings this is as good as it's going to get, and I am hanging on to what I have. If anyone overseas is interested in how much a dental check up costs here, it's £18.50. My practice has both private and national health options. For most things I pay the cheaper national health rate, mind you, I haven't had anything done for ages. I went private for the bridge, opted to pay more for a better colour match, and shorter waiting times. They offer the services of a hygienist at £35 a time. I have never been to a hygienist in my life, I have never needed to. 
So, what's for dinner tonight. The usual steamed veg, all out of the garden except the spinach which was on a yellow sticker. I thought I would give these Tesco chicken style strips a try, they are the size of potato chips. I'm not very impressed by them, not much taste and a bit rubbery. I much prefer their veggie burgers. 
I thought you might like some kitty photo's. These are Janets cats, I'm feeding them for her while she is away, a sort of favour swap if you like, she will be feeding mine next week. There are seven cats,  I've got five of them here. This is Teddy, Janet raised him from a tiny kitten when he came into rescue, then she kept him.

Mr Beasley or Mr B as we call him, wouldn't stay with his owners when they moved home he kept wandering off. After picking him up and taking him back several times they had to admit defeat and he was put up for adoption. You can see where he ended up. We are not supposed to keep our rescue cats, but sometimes we do, ha ha.
I can't remember the names of the others, they are written down on a menu plan, each one has their favourite food.

I sat and watched the tele with them tonight, they are all lovely.

Because I was at the dentist this morning I missed what they put into the skip. By the time I got back, some traveling people in a van had stopped to ask if there was any metal. The owner said they could take it. But, they not only took the metal they took a load of other stuff as well, cheeky beggars. Anyway, after they had gone, the owner put a large box in the skip, and it was full of soft toys and dolls, so I nabbed it quick. These will be ideal for selling on the stall at the Christmas market.

I put some of the bulky items in my car this morning and after I had finished at the dentist I went to Lindsey Lodge Hospice shop with it. They were chuffed to receive it.

It's late so I am off to bed, it's been a busy day. Sewing has been put on hold for the moment, I must start getting a few things together for my adventure. Catch you tomorrow.
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