Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 8. York and end of holiday

Good evening from base camp, yes I'm home. After another hearty breakfast, they are all hearty at the YHA, I checked out of York Hostel at 9am and as I made my way down the drive to leave I spotted this fascinating fungi growing on the lawn near the entrance. Nature is wonderful. 
The hostel is close to the river, a mile out of the city. It's a lovely walk along the embankment track shared by cyclists and walkers. York has a comprehensive network of  tracks to encourage people to bike to work. The city was very busy for a Monday morning, still plenty of tourists about. The boats are getting ready for a days work.

I didn't want to spend time fighting my way through the crowds, so I decided to pop in and see the National Railway Museum before I caught the next bus. It's a smashing place, if you are in York go there, it's free, and fabulous. Look at this magnificent beast, now that is a beautiful sight. Sadly they don't make 'em like this any more.

Just the front bit of a Eurostar. I've never been on one.

This is inside a Japanese Bullet Train.

There is a big model train layout. 

Trolleys piled high with authentic luggage.

A peep into a couple of the carriages. They look very grand. I'd like to sit in there like Lady Muck, ha ha. 

Everything is sparkling clean and polished.

I was yet again confused by the bus stands at York, now which one was it that I came in on. At last I found it, and within a couple of minutes a bus arrived bound for Hull. Wonderful. 
On arrival at the bus station in Hull, I saw my local bus pulling out, missed it. Never mind they run every half an hour, not long to wait. The last ride was a ride from hell. a very small child never stopped screaming and crying the whole way. boy was I glad to get off. That was the only bus of the holiday which had a lady driver, nice to see a female behind the wheel.  
What did I do when I got home, went out into the garden and picked a whole lot of runner beans. Need to get them in the freezer. Then I dug up some spuds. It was lovely to have some fresh vegetables for my dinner tonight, I ain't half missed them. My digestive system will start working better now, can't have done it much good with all the junk I have been eating. Also a cooked breakfast, even though they filled me up each morning, is not good for a healthy body. 

My little family are pleased I am back. I'm looking forward to snuggling up in my own bed tonight. I'll do a costing for the holiday in a day or two, it must have been the cheapest one I've had for ages. 
I'll say goodnight, thanks for your company every day, I really do appreciate it. I have enjoyed reading your comments.
Toodle pip

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