Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 6. Tootling around Kendal

Hello. Who are these two handsome chaps then. Well I haven't a clue what their names are, but they are twins, and they are doing John o Groats to Lands End on their bicycles. I met them at the Hostel last night, and again this morning. You meet such friendly people at hostels. Always someone to chat with. 
I checked out of the Hostel just before 9am. The men working on the ferry boats were polishing away getting their crafts ready for a busy day. The young lady in charge of the rowing boats was removing the security wire from them, and the lady from the coffee shop was setting out the tables and chairs outside her shop.

The number 555 bus arrived at 9.18am and took me to Kendal. It was a short walk from the Bus Station to Milnthorpe Road, and the Sundial Guest House. This was the first B & B I came across when I was checking the internet last night for somewhere to stay. I was lucky, the landlady rang me back with a 'yes'. A very reasonable price as well, £30 is a bargain. I dropped a few things off in my room to lighten my rucksack a bit, and went off walking.

It was a lovely sunny morning, perfect for a walk along the river.

I followed the river south to Prizet Farm where I turned off right through a couple of fields. There was a laminated sign pinned to a post next to the road, how lovely that there will be free fruit for everyone to share. A great community spirit exists here in this village.

The path took me through a few more fields, I walked through them quickly while keeping my eye on the cows grazing and snoozing in the sun. I had reached a good height by this time, the views were lovely.

I had a quick look round Brigsteeer, a tiny hamlet with pristine white houses with immaculate gardens, built on a hillside. Then I took a path up through Honeybee wood. There was a farm track running alongside it, but the sign said the track was not a public right of way, and that walkers should use the route through the woods. I didn't mind, it was lovely and cool.
I got to Barrowfield Farm and went off to the right, following the track up to Scout Scar. It was quite a climb up there. See the ridge at the top of the photo. That's where I'm heading.

 Look at the view from half way up. That's Barrowfield Farm down there.

Not much further, heading up towards the ridge.

At the top is a cairn, it says so on the map and there it is. Can't see much of the farm now. 
I walked all along the ridge to the other end where there is a car park. There were a few people about.

The stone built viewpoint has a tin lid on the top of it. Looks like a spaceship has landed.

From the car park I followed the road back down to Kendal, and had a look around the town. There is a shopping area next to Booths Supermarket called Wainrights Yard, with this plaque on the wall. A little bit about the famous Alfred Wainwright. His guides are very popular.

A few more pics of Kendal. I was too late to visit any museums or art galleries. 

 The Town Hall is a very majestic building. Today there was a craft fair on, which I also missed.

The fairground rides were just starting up as I made my way back to the guest house. Shall I have a ride, no I don't think I will bother, want to get back and chill out in my room.

A lovely day, good walking with lovely views and a bimble round the town. I went in Booths to pick up some supplies for my tea. My goodness the prices, I couldn't afford to live here. Mind you, Sue the landlady tells me there is a Morrisons and an Asda, but I couldn't be bothered to find them.

I am setting off back tomorrow but I don't know where I will get to. Not so many buses on a Sunday. I'm getting a bus to Lancaster in the morning, from there I don't know. Hoping to eventually get to Skipton, then Harrogate, and York. Will be home sometime on Monday.

Off to get a shower now, have a nice Sunday. Toodle pip.

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